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An asynchronous event driven PHP framework for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Supports HTTP, Websocket, SSL and other custom protocols. Supports libevent, HHVM, ReactPHP.

How to download and setup Workerman

Open terminal and run command
git clone https://github.com/walkor/Workerman.git
git clone is used to create a copy or clone of Workerman repositories. You pass git clone a repository URL.
it supports a few different network protocols and corresponding URL formats.

Also you may download zip file with Workerman https://github.com/walkor/Workerman/archive/master.zip

Or simply clone Workerman with SSH
[email protected]:walkor/Workerman.git

If you have some problems with Workerman

You may open issue on Workerman support forum (system) here: https://github.com/walkor/Workerman/issues

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